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One of today's most respected Disc Jockeys in the game, born and raised in Chicago, with listeners from all over the world, "DJ Unknown". Will Rodriguez has a beautiful soul who was born into a large family who later moved to West Michigan. While in Chicago he started off as a disc jockey at the age of 14 playing music for a live audience of friends and family. His years of keyboarding, vocalist, and with a bachelor’s in fine arts graphics design gives him the edge he needs today. His passion for singing is heard in his music. You will enjoy his R&B lyrics and mix of inspirational vocals, which will touch your soul. Will Rodriguez learned allot on how to produce music, write lyrics, play certain instruments, from all the band members his father booked in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, if the hotels where full, his father would have them stay in the 1st floor of his house, so there was a house full of Latin Jazz Musicians most of the time, he became friends with many of them, and they thought him the basics on how to create music melodies, produce and arrange music using various instrument patches from a keyboard synthesizer. His fans are the reason why DJ Unknown loves to create hot mixes, House music has come a long way since the 70s, hear the production in each of these Music Mix Sets DJ Unknown Mix Mastered and Created, just Amazing!  Review by Susan Parker   MORE

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